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At the beginning of the brand, the company developed and produced stylish, practical and affordable camcorders. To meet the needs of a wider range of consumers, in line with "design to guide consumption, innovation The realization of the value of the business philosophy, with a unique design inspiration, humanized thinking mode , the high-tech fashion trend that guides mini-cameras, through the integration of industry resources, Relying on the scientific and strong quality control of product development, it has achieved great success. The performance of PNZEO cameras is on the road of rapid development, we will be adhering to the " Cooperation, innovation, persistence, self-confidence, the spirit of enterprise, unremitting efforts, provide more Many high-quality mini-recorders and security cameras; adhere to the "integrity, a win-win situation" The concept establishes a broader and longer-term partnership with industry friends and strives to achieve the goal of becoming a well-known brand.

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